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Freelance Motorcycle Journalist Review

Words by Rachael Clegg – Freelance Journalist The Garbaldi Heritage jacket is exactly what I’ve been looking for in a motorcycle jacket; stylish but practical. The jacket is comfortable, with lots of pockets and practical features, perfect for someone who wants to fuse style with substance.

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Resurgence Review

Words by Gary Pinchin – Editor, Built Magazine I’ve had one pair of regular fit, blue washed Resurgence Heritage jeans for two years which have become the only biking jeans I wear now. I could ramble on about the safety aspects of Pekev anti-abrasion lining material and it’s drag coeficients etc etc, but the bottom line is that I wear them because they’re the most comfortable and stylish jeans for riding. Yeah, tucked away in the back of my mind is the fact that if I do slide down the road the jeans are durable enough to protect me, but even after two years, they still look in great condition.

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Dot4 Distribution Pushes Boundaries in the Motorcycle Industry with Cutting-Edge Resurgence Gear Clothing Line

Four Marks, Hampshire – There’s seems to be nothing stopping leading European distributor of urban motorcycle clothing, Dot4 Distribution. Unveiling yet another clothing product, 2016 is set to become a great year for the company as it continues to carve a name out for itself in the casual clothing protective market. New for 2016, Dot4 Distribution are proud to announce the Riding Shirt to their Resurgence Gear clothing line. This fashion designed check lumberjack style protective shirt incorporates the PEKEV protective lining used in the Resurgence Gear clothing. Mixing style and comfort, this shirt has been specially designed for riding, and looks great worn on and off the bike. Covering 60% of the shirt all the way round to the point...

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